Open scripts from HDevelop procedure descriptions

2017-12-22 by Andreas Heindl

In the LinkedIn group “HALCON Machine Vision Software Professionals”, Vladimir Perkovic had the idea to open HDevelop examples directly from the procedure description. We have improved the initial idea.
  • Open the procedure for which you want to be able to open accompaniging .hdev files from its help
  • Go to menu entry Procedures / Edit Interface / General Documentation / Suggestions
  • Enter the following string in the field ‘Predecessors’: javascript:debugger;var x={html:1}; "file:///C:/projects/calibration.hdev" );x Modify C:/projects/calibration.hdev as needed.

  • Close the Edit Interface dialog
  • At a position in your script where the procedure is called press F1. The online help for the procedure will be opened.
  • Click on the JavaScript link. Another instance of HDevelop with loaded C:.hdev will be opened.
  • If you need a 2nd link, I recommend to enter the above javascript:... string into the field ‘Successors’ or ‘Alternatives’ or ‘See Also’. If that is still not enough, you can enter multiple javascript:... commands in one field, separated by a ,, but these links will then all appear in one line. That’s probably a bit confusing then.