Training Modern C++ Expert knowledge in HALCON, C++, Git

We offer training courses on advances topics of development with modern versions of C++ (C++ 11 and newer). We concentrate our training on using modern C++ for practical development instead of discussing theoretical template metaprogramming techniques.

On demand, we include GUI development with Qt and show advantages of using Qt Creator for C++ development.

C++ development does not stop after saving the source file, but also needs proper version control. We can advice you in using Git as version control system and in setting up your own Git server.

We take agile development methods into account and impart knowledge for developers within a Scrum team.

Software developers with some C++ experience that want to modernize their knowledge of C++ and are interested in modern development practices like version control and unit tests. Especially suited if you want to use C++ in demanding areas like Machine Vision.

The contents is an example only and can be changed in consultation with the customer:
  • First example of modern C++
  • Range-based for loops
  • Initializer lists
  • STL algorithms
  • Lambdas
  • Regular Expressions
  • nullptr
  • Multithreading
  • Mutexes
  • Smart Pointers
  • Chrono
  • Random numbers
  • optional: Qt Widgets development
  • optional: Version control with Git
  • optional: Qt Creator as C++ IDE
  • Integration of the machine vision library HALCON in C++

Training courses are usually done in-house at your company. A projector is necessary. In rare cases, multiple remote sessions (e.g. with Skype) are possible.

We offer the possibility to work on given examples together with the participants of the training. For this, the customer has to provide workstations with C++ development environments.

The training can be done in English or German language.

Please ask us for individual offers.