Training Expert knowledge in HALCON, C++, Git

We offer training courses on advances topics of development of machine vision applications. We go into details of using HALCON via its Integrated Development Environment (IDE) HDevelop and train on HALCON methods that suit your team.

If required, we meet the challenge of integrating HALCON into professional C++ applications. As version control system we recommend using Git and offer training for Git as well.

We take agile development methods into account and impart knowledge for developers within a Scrum team.

A training is ideal, too, if you intend to call upon our services.

Software or hardware developers that are new to HALCON. The training can be adapted to more advanced HALCON developers on demand. Interesting for pure HALCON script developers as well as for developers who want to integrate HALCON into their application. Experience with another development environment are recommended.

The contents is an example only and can be changed in consultation with the customer:
  • Getting started with HALCON
    • What is HALCON?
    • Integration in host application
    • First example
    • HDevelop
      • Operators
      • Procedures and Libraries
  • Data structures
    View sample content of training slides
    • Iconic objects
      • Images
      • Regions
      • XLDs
    • Control tuples
      • Integers
      • Reals
      • Strings
      • Handles
    • Vectors
    • Coordinate systems
    • Models
    • Generic parameters
    • Dictionaries
    • Usage of HDevelop assistants
      • Gray Histogram
      • Regionen Features
  • Image Acquisition
  • Practical Tips and Tricks
  • Blob Analysis
    • Preprocessing
    • Segmentation
    • Region Processing
    • Feature Analysis
    • Selection
  • Pattern Matching
    • Concepts
    • NCC Matching
    • Shape Based Matching
  • Metrology
    • Measures
    • Metrology Model
    • XLD contours
  • Classifiers
    • MLP: multi-layer perceptrons
    • SVM: support-vector machines
    • GMM: Gaussian mixture models
    • kNN: k-nearest neighbors
  • OCR
    • Traditional approach
    • Text model
    • Pre-trained CNN font classifiers
    • Train a custom font classifier
    • OCR assistant
  • Camera calibration
  • Barcodes
  • Datacodes
  • 3D Vision
  • Deep Learning
    • Introduction
    • Classification
    • Detection
    • Semantic Segmentation
    • Anomaly Detection
  • Speed
    • Measure runtimes
    • Tuning
  • Writing Extension Packages
    • Extend HALCON with custom operators
    • Integrate custom hardware
    • Visual Studio setup
    • Input/output of iconic objects, control parameters
  • Integration in host application
  • optional: HALCON and C++
  • optional: HALCON and C# / .NET
  • optional: Introduction to development with Qt
  • optional: Introduction to version control system Git
  • optional: Socket communication in HALCON
  • optional: Usage of HDevRunner for development and deployment

Training courses are usually done in-house at your company. A projector is necessary. In rare cases, multiple remote sessions (for example with Skype) are possible.

During the training, given or customer-specific examples are worked on together with the participants of the training and discussed in detail.

The training can take place in English as well as in German language.

Please ask us for individual offers.