Software Standard Software for HALCON

HDevRunner is the perfect combination for MVTec HALCON to deploy your algorithms to customer machines - fast and easy. No more C++ or C# development needed. In addition, the Professional Edition runs your scripts on multiple images during development simultaneously, which allows for very fast feedback on the performance of your algorithms in different test cases.
HDevRunner - Runs your vision script

Start Center for HALCON is a small utility that lets you manage multiple versions of HALCON installed on the same machine simultaneously.
Start Center for HALCON

The zip file contains PDF files for the following calibration plate description files:

  • calplate_5mm.cpd
  • calplate_10mm.cpd
  • calplate_20mm.cpd
  • calplate_20mm_dark_on_light.cpd
  • calplate_40mm.cpd
  • calplate_40mm_dark_on_light.cpd
  • calplate_80mm.cpd
  • calplate_80mm_dark_on_light.cpd
  • calplate_160mm.cpd
  • calplate_320mm.cpd
  • calplate_640mm.cpd
  • calplate_1200mm.cpd
  • custom-full-a3-dark-on-light.cpd
  • custom-full-a3.cpd
  • custom-full-a4-dark-on-light.cpd
  • custom-full-a4.cpd
  • custom-full-letter-dark-on-light.cpd
  • custom-full-letter.cpd
  • custom-full-tabloid-dark-on-light.cpd
  • custom-full-tabloid.cpd

The PDF files must be printed with a high-quality printer. We recommend sticking the prints on a rigid, flat support, e.g. a glass plane. The printed PDF calibration plates are only suitable for test purposes.

Calibration Plates as PDF

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